Sunflower Sunshine

D3_Hokkaido_CoverVisited July 2014

Day 3
Checking out early from our hotel, we parked our luggage at Asahikawa Station and made our way to Fukagawa JR Station for a transfer by bus to the biggest sunflower garden in Japan, Himawari no Sato.

Arriving at the train station, I asked for directions from the staff on how to get to the hospital, and was given a map. In fact, it seemed like they are used to it given that the staff understood once I said ‘Himawari no Sato’. As there are 2 buses at the bus stop, look for the one that heads towards 北温泉. Here’s the timetable for the bus that I managed to get online.

The bus stop to alight at is ‘ひまわりの里北中学校前’. And the good thing is that all buses in Japan comes with announcements for every bus stop, do you do not have to worry about missing it. You’ll only have to worry about dozing off on the bus to miss the announcements as the journey is a 30-40 minutes ride.

The Sunflower Festival this year was from 19 July – 24 August 2014. Entrance to the park is free though one has to pay ¥300 to visit the sunflower maze. And be aware that there are 2 mazes, as I was silly enough to pay for the one which had not bloomed fully. In fact, the maze at the back had fully bloomed sunflowers and were taller than my Boy who is already more than 1.8m tall. (The sunflowers’ peak blooming season is in August.)

D3_Hokkaido_01_HimawariNoSatoWith over a million sunflowers in a space of 20.8km2, it’s a paradise for the yellow-flower lovers. And… did you know that there are more than 50 types of sunflower breeds?

D3_Hokkaido_02_SunflowersHonestly, I had never taken notice of the tiny differences each yellow flower had, but now that I’ve been here, I finally realized that there are indeed little differences, not to mention first time seeing a red sunflower!



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