Transportation Around Furano

For those interested to travel on their own in Furano, there is a useful website on the various methods to travel to Furano from Asahikawa and Sapporo via the Lavender Bus, Chuo Bus or Lavender Express Train.

While all these are available at the convenience of visitors, we however chose not to make use of the services as the timings did not fit into our schedule.

  • Train journey from Sapporo to Furano is 2 hours long, and the earliest we could arrive is 10am. The later arrival time would mean jostling with the crowd as opposed to starting out at 8am. Hence the reason to be based in Asahikawa while flower hunting.
  • The Furano Twinkle Bus was arranged in a way that it is a ‘fixed itinerary’ that one has to follow. As I preferred to visit a place at my own leisurely pace, knowing that there is a timing to return to the bus does not allow us to fully explore a venue.
  • Similarly for the Kururu Loop Bus, there were only 3 or 4 buses per day depending on the route. As the timings did not fit our schedule, we decided to give it a miss and instead walk to the attraction sites from the train station.

However, if one does not mind the ‘fixed’ itinerary and would prefer not to walk long distances from the train stations, these buses are definitely worth considering.


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