Aurora Photography Setup


As recalled from the tour with Lights over Lapland for Nikon cameras:

  • Camera set up: ISO 1600, Aperture F3.8
  • Set lens to manual focus at widest range
  • Turn on live viewfinder
  • Focus on an object far away and manually adjust lens till object is in sharp focus
  • Turn off live viewfinder
  • Shutter speed from 15 seconds onwards


  • Sturdy tripod is a must
  • Bring along extra batteries
  • Do not change range of lens once the focus has been set, otherwise your photos will be blur

And good news to those who are aurora hunting during a full moon, as it does not decrease your chances in spotting any aurora. In fact, I was pretty glad that we caught one during the full moon, as the skies in my photo was blue as opposed to black on a new moon.

When keeping your camera, bear in mind that condensation can damage your camera once you return to a warm environment. Hence what we did was to place our cameras in a Ziploc bag inside our usual bag, and retrieve it only after at least 1 hour has passed.


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