Hej då Sweden


Visited December 2013

Day 10
In a blink of an eye 10 days seem to fly by, as we awoke to wonderful weather (if only the weather was as nice the day before!).

Deciding to explore a new station, we made our way to Slussen, and when we alighted, we were treated with a lovely view of Riddarholmen Church from the Södermalm region. And because I wanted to visit the Royal Armoury, we made our way back to Gamla Stan via the harbour, this time with blue skies and lovely weather.


The Royal Armoury was a little harder to locate one has to go down a flight of stairs which was easily missed, but we finally got to view their various armours, weapons and royal carriages.


Our final few sightseeing spots were Riksdag (Parliament House) and the Riddarholmen Church before it was back to Gamla Stan for more souvenir shopping, which is very rare as we are not the type to do much shopping when overseas.


But a door stopper owl caught my eye and after much contemplation, I finally bought the little ‘feathered’ friend back home.



To get back to the airport, after our experience with the airport bus, we decided this time to take the express train. Making our way back to Stockholm Central Station, we bought our tickets from the Arlanda Express terminal. With its direct route and minimal stops, we took only 20 minutes to reach the airport where we enjoyed more duty-free shopping and my last overseas meal, Swedish Meatballs with ligonberry jam that was oh-so-delicious! If I had spotted any ligonberry jam/tea, I would have bought some home with me as well! (But I think we were too caught up with the sights and trinket souvenirs to have remembered buying any food souvenirs.)


And so our Scandic winter adventure came to an end, which I was sad to see it go. If I was asked on whether I would return again, it would be a resounding yes! but during a different season, because many attractions (like Gripsholm Castle and the UNESCO Drottningholm Palace) were closed or had limited opening times due to winter. Not to mention a day trip to Tallinn or even St Petersburg would have been nice.

I guess that’s how life is always like, too many things to see, too little time. But I believe that’s also the thing that makes life more interesting as we look forward to more travel planning, travel sightseeing and travel adventures.


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