The Sydney Skyline Project

Flight: Qantas
Time difference: +2 hours


Visited August 2013

A long weekend back home saw us deciding to take a short 3.5 day trip to Sydney, the place I stayed for a year since seven years ago. While I would have preferred to make it a week-long visit so that we could make our way to Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley, the weekend getaway meant that we could only be city-bound.Coupled with being inspired by the article ‘12 Best Photography Spots for Classical Sydney Skyline’, we decided then that the trip would be a Sydney Skyline Photo Project Trip.

In one of our rare times that we choose to put up in an apartment instead of a hotel, our choice of stay was Meriton Apartments at Kent Street. It is a 5-10 minute walk from Town Hall Station St Andrew’s Cathedral exit. And as  part of our sightseeing plans, we collected our 3 Day Sydney Unlimited iVenture Card from Darling Harbour, which provided us with free attraction visits and transport via train, light rail, ferries and bus.


While we enjoyed some time at various city attractions, shopping, and pigging out at cafes and the fish market, we still made our rounds to a few of locations for the skyline shots. 

Skyline Shot 1: On a Ferry/Boat
During our boat ride out to the open ocean in hopes of spotting a whale, we had the opportunity to capture nice scenes of the ferry terminal, Harbour Bridge and the Opera House from the waters. Hence for those with a transport pass, taking a ferry ride to one of the neighbouring terminals is a nice thing to do, especially to those living in a country/city where water ferries/taxis are not available.


Skyline Shot 2: Mrs Macquarie’s Point
Back to where I camped 7 years ago for New Year’s countdown, I love this place because it offers both icons of Sydney in a single frame. While it may be a long walk in from the nearest St James Station, it was a wonderful morning stroll in with the Royal Botanic Gardens just next door.


Skyline Shot 3: Pylon Bridge Lookout
Reaching the entrance can be a little confusing, and while this required a certain amount of endurance, the view up there was pretty spectacular on a good day.


Skyline Shot 4: Milson’s Point
The favourite of the Boy’s, we decided to take a nice stroll along the Harbour Bridge over to North Sydney, and navigated our way from the train station.  Located just next to the entrance of Luna Park, we enjoyed watching the sun set before hopping on to the ferry back to Circular Quay.



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