Shopping in Bali


Visited March 2013

Day 4
While Bali is known to be a beach paradise where surfboards and seafood rule the day, shopping in the area is also a notable activity.

Lining the streets of Kuta and Seminyak are many small shops that sell an array of souvenirs and beach wear. While there are big names like Quiksilver for the boys, girls can take heart that the boutique shops selling bikinis along the streets are also gem finds.

Our last day in Bali saw us having some free time before our flight departs, during which we decided to do some shopping. The places we visited were Seminyak Square, Krisna and Discovery Mall. And, we ranked our experience as below:

(1)    Krisna Bali
While they have a few branches around Bali, the one we visited was the Kuta branch along Sunset Road. The stuff they have here is just amazing! From food snacks to bags, pouches, clothes and souvenirs, this is a shopping paradise for all. Prices here are more than affordable for most people I would say, as a singlet there costs us about $2-3 of our local currency.  It was a steal compared to what we paid out for at Seminyak Square (more details below).

(2)    Discovery Mall
A commercialized shopping mall in Kuta, it features usual brands like Bilabong, Converse, Giodarno, Crocs etc. Linked to Kartika Plaza, the 4-storey mall provides a good mix of shops and restaurants to explore. Plus, it is situated very close to Kuta Beach, allowing us to head there for some sunshine. Besides, I also got to purchase my iPanema slippers there, after searching high and low for a particular design that I liked.

(3)    Seminyak Square
A 2-storey mall with make shift stores set up in the empty square beside it, this place left us with quite a bitter taste in our mouth. While I managed to purchase some items that I liked, the fact that we bought a singlet there 10 times the price of what we got at Krisna was pretty upsetting to us. While we tried to haggle and bargain to the best of our ability, not knowing exactly how much the price was elsewhere killed us, as this was our first shopping venue for the day. This almost cost us as we almost did not have any money left over for the departing airport tax in order to get home. Nevertheless, it was a lesson learnt, and a lesson probably never forgotten (as much as we hope to some day).

Thinking back, I really felt like we did not spend enough time in Bali. There are still many more restaurants to explore like Ku De Ta, Metis and Naughty Nuris that we did not have time to visit. Plus I would really like to try out sunrise trekking at Mount Batur or Mount Agung, or even make a visit Ulun Danu Temple early in the morning to get away from the crowd.

Gah, too many things to do, so little time!


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