Glimpse into North & South Bali


Visited March 2013

Day 3
First visit of the day was to a ‘hidden temple’, Gunung Kawi. It was ‘hidden’ because instead of the usual entrance via civilization, there lies another entrance through the forest. Hiking up muddy steps and moss-covered rocks, at times I was worried if I would be a klutz again and fall down the slopes.

With help from the Boy to ensure that I keep safe, we made it safely to the temple where we were first greeted with a rice field, before heading into the temple surrounded by large stone statues carved into the walls. The road back to our vehicle was 1000 steps. A stamina testing trek lined with many souvenir stores, it was really no simple feat, as many a times we had to stop to catch our breath and stretch our calf muscles.

Hiding in the car to cool ourselves, our next stop was Kintaimani, where I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the mountain. But as luck would have it, the rainy weather persisted to the next day, as grey clouds surfaced and obscured our view of the mountains. Camping in the midst of rocky terrain, we hoped that a gust of wind would help to clear the mountains for a quick snapshot. But it was not to be, as we moved on to Penelokan for an alfresco meal while enjoying the cool weather.


After lunch was a long ride back to town where we made our way to Uluwatu. Known to be a place filled with monkeys, we were warned to keep our valuables and shades away from the prying hands of the monkeys. While many tourists and ourselves were fascinated with the monkeys, we took the chance to enjoy the spectacular view of the temple by the cliff against the setting sun. While there were too many clouds for the perfect sunset view, it was nice to just finally stop and enjoy some time with the Boy.


After being stuck in traffic in what seems like forever, we finally reached our hotel for our long-awaited BBQ dinner.


While we had earlier informed the reception that we would like to start our dinner at 630, we were however an hour late due to road diversion.Thankfully, the hotel staff was kind enough to wait for us, as we changed into Balinese attire and enjoyed a sumptuous BBQ seafood meal to end our long day.


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