Scenes of Bali


Visited March 2013

Day 2
Our second day in Bali started with our driver bringing us to the various temples for some photo taking. With our trip being a last minute one, we were thankful that Drivers with Distinction was able to accommodate our request.

Our first temple was the ever-famous Tanah Lot. The tide was low when we arrived, which saw many tourists and visitors walking over to the temple, amidst the screams whenever the waves crash onto the rocks. Next to Tanah Lot is Batur Bolong, the famous rock with a hole in the middle, making it look like a bridge over the sea.


Although the sun was high and bright in the morning, as the day progressed, it began to turn overcast. Skipping Ulun Danu Temple because our guide felt that it was too crowded, we made our way to Jatiluwih through Ubud. According to our guide, this was a much better option than the rice fields in Ubud. While I have not been to the rice fields in Ubud to make a comparison, the decision to head there instead was the right one. Listed as a cultural UNESCO site, the rice fields spanning across the horizon was huge and simply amazing. While there were quite a few cars parked on the roadside, because of the size of the huge rice field, many a times we felt like we were alone exploring the place.


Walking through the muddy rice field was a pretty fun experience. Light and long pants are definitely recommended as it keeps the long and tall rice stalks away from your skin. In the midst of our walks, we came across a cowshed as we wondered why is there one in the middle of the fields. Making our way to a high point, we took in the wondrous scene as we captured a panoramic shot of the fields before having lunch was at one of the roadside stores.

After lunch, we moved on to Tamblingan Lake and Munduk Waterfall. As we headed further north, the sky began to turn overcast, resulting in us having to find shelter when we arrived at Temblingan Lake. While it was a pity given that we did not have our blue skies, the rainy weather did evoke a misty feel the area, especially with the temple ‘floating’ above the lake. As the rain subsided to a drizzle, we navigated around the reeds and waterlogged grass to admire the area.

Munduk Waterfall was located nearby, where we had to trek down towards a valley. As it was still drizzling with many fallen leaves, shoes with good grip are a must as I slipped during our descent. Thankfully neither my camera nor me suffered any injuries. The men were not spared either, as they lost their balance once or twice, but did not fall like me.


With the rain, the area was pretty much flooded, though we made use of the running water to clean our muddy shoes. The splash of the waterfall and the rain was a big contrast to the sunny weather at Tanah Lot earlier on. And despite the rain, there were still many tourists visiting the area.

A pretty wet day in general, especially with the rain and the waterfall, but what an adventure it has been so far!


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