Bali Getaway

Flight: KLM
Time difference: 0


Visited March 2013

Day 1
Our trip to Bali was a fairly impromptu decision as we decided to take up a short getaway trip within the region. And since KLM was having promotional flights, we decided that it was to be.

Choosing an accommodation in Bali can be quite a headache as one will be spoilt for choices. Having decided that we would try out a private villa, and being clear that I would prefer an abode where the dining area is also indoors, this helped in narrowing our options. Our final decision is Seiryu Villa, located in Seminyak. A Japanese themed private villa, every room is not the same, with each room categorized as Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.


For breakfast, you have a choice of American, Japanese or Indonesian, which will be delivered to your room at the appointed time via the kitchen’s back door. Our favourite of all the meals is the American breakfast.


Picking us up at our hotel, our first tour of the day was Bali Quad Discovery Tours. The drive to the location was slightly more than an hour, towards the Kintamani region. The choice of vehicle is either a quad bike or a buggy. Since I do not have a license, we decided to try out the buggy instead, where I could have the chance to drive it. To familiarize ourselves with the wheels, we were told to drive a few rounds within the compound. But, as luck would have it, our vehicle was slightly faulty, and I crashed, as I turned into a lost sheep waiting to be rescued… And because the crash traumatized me badly, I decided in the end to just be a passenger.

Midway through our ride, we had our vehicle replaced as it gave us more problems, but after that, the Boy navigated the terrain wonderfully (all thanks to his army training)! Going through forested roads, gravel and mud tracks, we passed by a few villages and ended with a short break atop a hill. When we returned, we were guided to a shelter for lunch.

After our tour, it was exploring Seminyak on foot. Nearby our villa, many souvenir shops lined the streets for those interested in shopping. A useful shop to visit would be Bintang Supermarket Seminyak, where you can grab all your chips and water. Food is not a problem as the streets are filled with many restaurants and cafes. As we were too hungry, we hopped into an Aussie-themed restaurant/bar for dinner.

This marks the end of a tiring day but then it was all smiles on the boy’s face.


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