Innsbruck & Kristallwelten


Visited October 2012

Day 9
Departing early in the morning from Salzburg, we took a 2-hour train on to Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol.


With our handy Innsbruck Card, our first stop for the day was Goldenes Dachl, the iconic golden roof in Old Town, as we checked out the many quaint cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops along the way.


Making our way on foot through Old Town, the Jesuit Church and the City Tower were next on the list, in which the latter provided us with stunning views of the town and the mountains.


It was also a day of sovereignty, as we visited both the Imperial Palace Hofburg and Ambras Castle. The Hofburg has five themed museums, offering insight into the lives of the Habsburgs.  Again, I have a great liking for the Riesensaal (‘great hall’), particularly the ceiling paintings.

Ambras Castle on the other hand is divided into the Lower and Upper Castle, both of which hold various art collections. There is also an armoury, which features rare collections of Emperor Maximilian I and Archduke Sigismund.


Our last stop for the day was Swarovski Kristallwelten. A shuttle service is available from Innsbruck bus terminal, and it departs every two hours. With Swarovski crystals adorning contemporary art designs and sculptures, it sometimes feels as if we had arrived at another world. At the end of the exhibition was the Swarovski crystal shop for some souvenir shopping. While I have difficulty appreciating such art forms, I did like the crystal dome, winter’s dream and Poseidon’s Puzzle.



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