Salzburg Sightseeing


Visited October 2012

Day 7
Our free and easy day in Salzburg started off with Mozart’s Residence (Mozart Wohnhaus), where we learnt more about his family and history. Finally I got to understand more about him after all my background in music. Admission was free with the Salzburg Card. In fact, all of the attractions were free with the card.


Tracing our way from our bicycle tour, we crossed the Salzach River via Makartsteg, a bridge filled with love padlocks, and made our way to Salzburg Cathedral. It’s a pity that they were in the midst of cleaning the fountains in preparation for the Christmas markets, hence the construction machinery. Behind the cathedral was a square filled with market stalls, and a large golden ball structure. While most would think that the man on top of the ball is Mozart due to the chocolate Mozart Ball, he is however not Mozart. No one knows who he is.


South of the cathedral is Festung Hohensalzburg, the symbol of Salzburg, a fortress that has never been sieged. Climbing up the watchtower, we were treated to panoramic views of the city, as we also visited the torture chambers, marionettes and museum collections.


As most of the places which we planned to visit were covered during the bicycle tour, we decided to visit Mount Untersberg, a part of the Berchtesgaden Alps that sits between Germany and Austria. Taking the city bus no. 25, we made our way to the little town of Grödig for the cable car ride.

The Untersberg cable-car (UBB) is one of the steepest that I’ve experienced. Ascending higher than the clouds, we were finally greeted by the sun, giving us a respite from the gloomy weather we had in Salzburg. And to be honest, I enjoyed the blue skies very much. It was very amazing to be above the clouds, as I thought they looked like a sea of marshmallows.


With more spare time, we decided to make our way back to Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains. Making it in time for the last guided tour, we were treated to spectacular fountain displays, while trying to spot hidden water spouts to prevent being water-bombed! The experience was all too hilarious and enjoyable. For those with cameras, do be careful though for we hid our cameras as soon as we were done to prevent unnecessary damage. The exit from the guided tour was different from where we came in, as we were led to the palace’s garden for more photo opportunities.


Our last stop for the day was the Mirabell Palace and Gardens, a place also covered during the bicycle tour. We returned to spend more time in the garden, as we did not have a chance to do so previously. The view from the western end looking towards the fortress has one of the most attractive scenes.


Meals in Salzburg were simple affairs, either having snitzels at restaurants or trying out the fast food variety at MacDonalds. Surprisingly, we could not get enough of the snitzels, be it pork or chicken. And with every trip overseas, the Boy is always keen to try the local brew.


I think once we return home, we need to do something about our waistline.


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