From Lake Hayes to Lindis Pass


Visited April 2012

Day 1 – From Arrowtown to Lake Tekapo
Driving up from Arrowtown to Lake Tekapo lies Lake Hayes, a quaint lake in the Wakatipu Basin. The Boy, having done his research, felt that the place was a good enough venue for some shots. And because we were only passing through as part of our photo shoot, it’s a pity we could not stay longer.01 LakeThe area was lovely for a picnic, where you could bask under the sun, watch the ducks waddle and admire the turning leaves. In fact, while we were there, we came across a family having a picnic, and the little girls were so intrigued by me that they had to have a photo taken together. Such little darlings…

To get to the picnic grounds, you’ll have to drive towards Speargrass Flat Road.
Head west till you see Slope Hill Road.
Take the first left turn into Rutherford Road.
If that was not the entrance we took, the other alternative was that we probably headed down from Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Road.

As we drove on, the view from the car window is just amazing, as we made many impromptu stops for some quick clicks.02 VineyardDuring then, I had my fair share of car horns, where my MUA told me that it was the kiwis way of saying congratulations =)

To get to Lake Tekapo, we had to go through Lindis Pass, and I have to say, it is an amazing route to drive through in the Mackenzie basin.03 Lindis PassWith a distance covering 63km, it’s a 35-60 minute scenic drive, depending on your travel speed. And with the changing seasons, the sights that greet you from your car windows are dramatically different. Choose from either lush green meadows in Summer, mountain lupins galore in Spring, orange hues of grass with snowcapped mountains in Autumn, or pure white snowy delights in Winter!

It’s really hard to choose which is the best scene or season to visit because they are just enchantingly beautiful and different to begin with. Perhaps this is the conspiracy of New Zealand South Island: to entice visitors back more than once because you have to see the country at its different seasons.

Visiting New Zealand once is never enough.


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