Amanohashidate: Stairway to Heaven


Ok I cheated; it’s not Stairway to Heaven but Bridge to Heaven.

Visited April 2011

Day 4: Amanohashidate & Kyoto
Second on our trip of Japan’s Three Most Scenic Views, we decided to take a leap of faith and try to visit it, as it was located north of Kyoto, away from the usual major cities. Taking the limited express train from Kyoto, it was a 2 hour train up north, which we encountered a little surprise.

During the routine train check by the conductor, we were told that we had to pay a supplement of ¥1,480 each! Due to a misunderstanding using hyperdia to check on the validity of our JR pass, apparently the section between Fukuchiyama and Amanohashidate is not covered by our pass.

01 TrainThankfully, the Japanese are really kind and patient, as given my limited ability to speak the language, he took some time to explain to us before we handed over our money.

Upon reaching our destination, we were treated with lovely scenes of blue skies and green trees. It was a wonderful weather for a picnic. And thus began our journey to the lookout on a hill, as we chose to walk the 3.6 km pine-tree-covered-sandbar instead of cycling over.02 AmanohasidateLong as it might be, it was however a nice walk, as we made our way up to Kasamatsu Park for a bird’s eye view of the scenery via a ropeway (¥640 for return trip). Once there, we began our butt action by turning our backs towards the bay, bend over and looked at it from between our legs.

04 Upside DownAs hilarious the scene was, everyone was doing it! So not to worry, no one cares how embarrassing you will look.

05 LunchAfter having our fill of photos, we headed back to the station for a quick lunch and back to Kyoto for some exploration of the train station. Apparently Kyoto Station is a place of interest itself, due to its futuristic design as opposed to its traditional image.

06 K StationA Skyway tunnel, located on the 11th floor of the station building, is a good place to visit. Though a little hard to locate, is still an amazing find, as it allows visitors to walk the length of the station, and it gives a nice view of Kyoto Tower.

07 K TowerThe trick though, would be to try and get a shot of it without the reflection of the lights.


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