Nara Falls

Nara Deer

Call me a romantic, but I believe why I fell in love with Autumn was because of this scene. The contrast of the reds against the yellows, as groups of deer wander about the temple grounds.

It wasn’t easy trying to capture the furry kids on camera because there were so many other people trying to do the same thing. It was quickly-frame-the-deer-on-camera-before-someone-steps-into-the-frame mantra. We could only hope to move on to a different area where hopefully we could catch some kowtowing deer before the crowd noticed our secret plan. (The smart deer learnt how to bow as a wish to be fed).

Unfortunately, as it was a group tour that I was following, the available time to explore Todaiji fully was limited. Nonetheless, I was glad that the deal we selected did bring us to this ethereal land for me to chance such an encounter.

Reds, yellows and deer – best combination for the romantic at heart: me.


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