Take Off

On the Road

Traveling and photography.

My two favorite things in life. It has always been my dream to capture the sights of each country, and to pen them down somewhere. However, in my 10 years of writing, I am still unable to conquer my fear of not being good enough.  For all the reading that I do, I am still worried that I will not be able to give justice to the countries and photos on how they bring joy and enrichment to my life. That my writing is poor. That my stories are just to darn boring.

Yet, for what it’s worth, my other half still encourages me to keep on trying. As I search within myself, looking for the answer on why I want it all to be perfect, it all boils down to one word: Recognition. I yearn for the day when my photography works are deemed ‘good’, when my travel expositions are considered ‘useful’. But for all the lofty ideas and dreams that I have, I had forgotten one thing – to start small.

So here I am, on the ever-present encouragement of my significant half, I begin my journalistic process once again. And to remind myself that I need to start from somewhere small, where I do this for myself and him, to capture to the best of our abilities the essence of each country, to pen down our memorable events as we travel around the world. Perhaps if I stick to it, the recognition will come some day. Plus a journal filled with reminiscence 10-20 years from now.


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